Friday, May 14, 2010

Late Night Radar

I swear our Miss Megan must have a "Mummy's going to bed now radar" or something! So many times I have come in from work, spent an hour catching up with what's happening in the Bloggers' and Facebookers' worlds, then am just about to pack up and go to bed and Miss Megan wakes up! About 1 or 2 am! It has happened again tonight (well, this morning - it is almost 2:30am Sat morning).I need to be up and "with it" in 6 hours so need some sleep very soon. I wonder what it is with her? It's not like I am noisy.....perhaps she simply enjoys my company!

Do any of your kids have any quirks like this?


Karen xx

1 comment:

Erin said...

every night Charlotte hops into our bed at times it does annoy me but secretly i love her little cuddles that she gives every night and the one first thing in the morning when she is trying to wake me up oh and i have learned to sleep on the edge of the bed lol