Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WOW! How to have a day disappear!
Swimmming lessons first up (and yes Miss 2 cried for most of her lesson), then grocery shopping. Oh joy of joys! No, seriously I am one of these weird people who loves grocery shopping - I just don't like the bill at the checkout. Thank goodness I get my staff discount. Every $ off makes a difference. By the time I put all the shopping away it was after 1pm. And we left home at 8:30 this morning. One cup of coffee & a bit of bill paying (thanks online banking!) and all of a sudden it is almost 2:30. No lunch yet, however Miss 2 has been grazing & has been keeping herself busy colouring in so she's doing fine.
And of course the regular phone call from work asking if I can stay back an extra hour tonight. Oh well, I'm not one to knock back extra pay. Especially with the bills we have right now.....and both car regos due next month.
So I think a quick yoghurt will be my lunch for today, then wizz out & pick up Mr 14 (Mr 7 wants to catch the bus home). Then to get dinner cooked. Turkey schnitzels were reduced at Woollies today so that is on our menu. With some yummy baked potato, baked pumpkin,steamed green beans & corn cobs. Basic yummy healthy dinner.
Note to self - bring in the washing before the afternoon cools off!
Enjoy what's left of your day & please stay safe.
Karen xx

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