Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a fabulous day!

I had some girlfriends around for a candle party & I had such an awesome time. I thrive on being around people & everyone just clicked today (including our awesome consultant)- we used up our whole day instead of only 2 hours or so, with chatting & networking (5 of us are in party plan businesses).

Just got home from an unexpected shift at work. I am not one to turn down the opportunity to earn some extra $$ very often and I do like my job. So even that part of my life is fabulous! I am a believer that we spend "x" amount of our lives at work, we need to be doing something we enjoy. One of my peeves is when people continually whinge about their job (I'm not talking the odd whinge here, I am talking the CONSTANT whinging) - if you don't like your job, get another one and keep changing jobs until you find one you like. We are all in control of it ourselves. Don't sit in a job you really don't like. Do something about it. I did, several times! I left one company after 15 years because I didn't like it anymore. This is my 9th job in the last 7 years because I have left the ones that were making me unhappy. Now, I am happy.

I close today feeling and recognising that I truly live a charmed life. I have a fantastic husband, 3 wonderful kids, amazing friends, good health, family close by, a solid roof over our heads, a job I love, a car to get me there, food in the fridge, freezer AND pantry.....there is nothing more I could possibly want for in my life. Do you take the time to truly appreciate all the good things in your life?

And that's my ramble for today!
Stay safe.....hug those you love.
Karen xx

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Erin said...

Ahh Bugger Karen i completely forgot about your candle party ,i had all intentions of coming sorry!