Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today's Ramble.....

Hi, and welcome to my thoughts for tonight.
Today Mr 7 & Mr 14 were back at school (high school yesterday & primary school today). Miss 2 coped really well & switched straight back into the drop off the boys & pick them up routine, which was a relief. I was a bit worried she would be lost without them being home. Going on our regular Tuesday lunch & shopping outing with my Grandma helped as it gave her another focus.
My dear Grandma will be 88 next month & uses either a walking stick or walking frame, depending on what we are doing & where we are going. The poor love can't walk far at all. We must look quite funny out together.....me (with a 2 year old) who has to stop every 10 SLOW paces to let Grandma catch up. It's a bit of a juggle at times but I treasure my Tuesdays with Grandma - who knows how much longer we have her for? We are going to go for some drives over the cooler months - to Bowral or Berrima maybe. Check out a change of scenery.
Tomorrow brings a swimming lesson for Miss 2 followed by grocery shopping. Last week's swimming was the first with no tears (yes I cry at swimming but of laughter at Miss 2's incessant crying through her class). She was rewarded by her teacher (the ever patient Louise) with a chocolate. Hope she doesn't expect chocolate tomorrow! She started lessons in Feb as soon as the summer school hols ended and it has taken until now for the crying to stop - I hope I am not jinxing things by mentioning it!
Whatever you are doing tomorrow, I hope you stay safe & end you day with a smile!
Karen xx

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