Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who's trying to reduce their sugar intake? (Giveaway)

I've noticed a lot of posts on Facebook and Blogs recently about going sugar free. I really need to have a close look at some of those recipes. We could do with reducing the sugar consumption in our household, I'm sure. Particularly because I am in the high risk category for Type 2 diabetes. And carrying too much weight on my frame (aren't we all). But sometimes it just seems like too much hard work.

So when I was offered the chance to try some chocolate with 80% less sugar than regular chocolate, I had to say yes. Let's face it, chocolate has a place in every girl's life. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, flavoured chocolate.....you name it, we love it!

Well Naturally is a brand I have tasted before. Whenever I've been on my low carb phases, I've snacked on their sugar free dark chocolate, discovered when I was packing shelves for a living late at night. (Do you have any idea how snacky a job like that makes you?!). And I found the chocolate yummy!

Most foods contain sugar, natural sugar. A lot of foods have more sugar added to them in the manufacturing process. That means more calories for a start, with no extra nutrition.Well Naturally's No Added Sugar milk chocolate retains the natural sugars from the lactose, but all excess sugars are eliminated. Which means that the finished chocolate bar has 80% less sugar than regular milk chocolate. And fewer calories! I'm wanting to reduce both my sugar and calorie intake to improve my health, so that ticks a box or two for me. How about you?

Well Naturally's No Added Sugar Chocolate is available in Creamy Milk or Fruit & Nut flavours. I've tried them both. More than once! And there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in either variety. Great if your are looking after your health or have reactions to some of those nasties. (Like me with the sulphites in cheap wine lol).

So how do they taste, compared to regular chocolate bars? They do taste different, If you are expecting Well Naturally to taste like your favourite other brand, then you'll be wrong. These do taste yummy, but they are not what we are used to. If you are trying to be healthy & still need your chocolate fix, then Well Naturally provides a happy medium. Have your naughty food (PMT & mood fixer) without so much naughtiness.

You can buy them at Woolworths for $2.69 for a 45g bar. They're in the health food aisle. I know because I used to pack them there.

But if you don't want to part with your hard earned cash, you can win some right here. 3 lucky readers will each win a pack containing one bar of each flavour (Creamy Milk and Fruit & Nut). Try before you buy!

To enter, leave a comment on my blog telling me the importance of chocolate in your life. Or (if you are one of those really good people), the role you wish chocolate could take in your life!
Make sure you leave me an email address, so I can contact you if you win.

Competition is open to Australian residents only and closes at 5pm on Fri 2nd Nov, Sydney time.

The 3 best answers as judged by me will be the winners.

Ready, set, go!


Disclaimer: I received Well Naturally No Added Sugar Chocolate bars for review purposes. Opinions are mine and are honest. 


MichVee said...

Chocolate's my biggest indulgence, it can drown out those deafening screams
It can turn the worst nightmares into the sweetest dreams!
If there's a dark tunnel, it's the light at the end
It cheers me up more than any friend!
But one that's not so bad for me would certainly be neat
I wouldn't have to miss out on my favourite little treat!

Angela said...

I could inhale chocolate and still it wouldnt seem enough, but I am watching my intake too..so being good and watchful with my intake at the moment. Which also means limited baking!

Mary Preston said...

I am the President, Treasurer & a Committee member of Choc-a-holics anonymous.

I am guilty of having chocolate stashes hidden under the salad in the crisper, for example. I obviously just buy lettuce to use as camouflage.

Chocolate is an addiction, but it does make life sweet.