Monday, October 1, 2012

October is here.

Yep, a new month. Another calendar page turns.

This month our eldest son turns 17. Wow, time is flying by. He's starting Year 12 in just a few weeks. His high school finish line is getting closer.

The weather is warming up. We've had a few 30 degree days already & there are a couple more forecast this week. 30 degrees inland is nothing like a coastal 30 degrees. Not as humid. Much more comfortable. So far.  Ask me again when summer arrives.

This week we discovered that the plant winding its way up the pergola post is a grapevine. Yes, we live in the Hunter (wine country as well as horse country) & we have a grapevine. Cool, hey?

Speaking of plants, today was a nice day to get stuck into some gardening. Not too much, as this is a temporary house for us. But something to prettify it.

pots of colour -to-be by the front door

radish, parsley & chives in vegie patch, flowers in left pot,
mystery plant in pot on right was already here

And next weekend Daylight Savings Starts - YAY!!!! Love, love LOVE daylight savings. Brings a whole new attitude & pace of life with it.

There will be more that October brings, but this is just a snippet.

Oh, and I am also informally doing Ocsober. It's like Dry July in that I am giving up alcohol for the month. Informal because I am not seeking sponsorship, I am simply doing it for me.

What's October got in store for you?


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Samelia's Mum said...

Yay for wine country!! Glad you've settled we'll into your new home xx