Monday, September 3, 2012

Physiotherapy & chocolate - what the?

Went to physio today. This old bod needs to work, with lots of aches & tightness, kind of a hangover from my nightfill job.

Worked on one shoulder & arm, stretching out the muscles a bit.

Gave me an exercise band & a list of exercises to do every day until my next session.

The band smells like chocolate.

It really does! Liam (9 & home sick from school today) commented on it first. So I am not making it up. I got Megan to smell it & she agrees. Ray kind of agrees, thought it smelt odd but couldn't place it. Yep, cheap chocolate. Zac just thinks it smells like it's meant to.

Does it smell like chocolate to make it more inviting for me to use? So I get at least some enjoyment from my exercising?

Or is it giving me permission to eat chocolate after I've done my daily workout?

You decide!

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