Thursday, February 2, 2012

What your tattoo location says about you

A tongue-in-cheek look at where people have their tattoos:

Heard it being discussed on breakfast radio this morning so went googling & found the above chart here at

I have no tattoos. I like to admire them on other people but don't want to go there myself.

Personally I don't understand the lower back tattoos, you can't see it yourself so it's only there for the "look at me" factor. But each to their own.

Do you have or would you ever get a tattoo? Where?

Karen xx


Anonymous said...

twelve years ago, my Mom and I went for tattoos together for our
30th/50th birthdays.......on our right it, and it is special because it reminds me of her......only visible when I am wearing my swimsuit

rambling mum said...

that's a great way to be reminded of your mum......if I was to ever get one, it would be (like yours) sentimental and coverable. Thanks for commenting - I feel loved! xx