Saturday, July 9, 2011

Memory loss.

 I just entered a giveaway on Three Li'l Princesses blog here, which required me to tell Kelli what my favourite toy was as a child.

The problem I had was that I can't remember very much of my childhood. I don't know why. Maybe a shrink will tell me one day. I don't even see a shrink.

The easy answer is that my parents separated when I was 9, therefore one could be forgiven for thinking I have pyschologically blocked out a miserable childhood. But I didn't have a miserable childhood. Dad had a good job in high end banking, Mum stayed home with the 3 kids, we went to a good school, we always lived in a nice house (the last one was even 2 storey!), we had a pool, we had friends to play with. I felt secure. I only remember one,  two, three arguments between my parents in that whole 9 years. It's sad when you can't remember living with both parents. I do remember that I felt loved.

So I don't know why I am "missing" a whole chunk of my life. It's in there somewhere.

I am hoping it's just an age thing. The older I get (and I'm not REALLY old yet), the less of my younger years I recall. I barely remember my teenage years anymore. Maybe I simply have limited storage space in my brain.

It reminds me of the TV show "Married with Children". You know the one, with Al and Peggy and their teenage kids Kelly and Bud (?). Al was fixated on (many things) the high school touchdown he scored & his "stardom" was drilled into the family. Kelly didn't seem to be able to learn anything about anything except boys. She was a contestant on a quiz show & had learned how to spell "cat", just in case she was asked to. However, her brain had limited space. Every fact she learned, she lost another. The tiebreaker question was who scored the winning touchdown and of course she had forgotten that the answer was her dad!

So that's the excuse I'm going with in regards to my own memory loss. My brain can only hold so much at a time.

It's still sad though.

What's your own memory like?

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