Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Delivery

Just took delivery of my first go at online grocery shopping.

This is a top up shop, not a full shop. I can't feed a family of 6 with only this amount of groceries. If you can, please, please, please let me know so I can get some tips from you.

I have fought the urge so many times, baulking at the higher prices that at my local Woollies, but I've hit the proverbial brick wall & can't take any more. So I succumbed & am already relieved, before I have even put any away!

The delivery driver was half an hour early - bonus! That frees me up to so an extra half an hour of blogging, facebooking, cleaning.

He brought it in & put it on my kitchen bench, although I would heve preferred it if he left his BO scent in the truck. Fruit & Veg are coming this arvo from Illawarra Fruit Direct.
Have you tried online shopping to free up some of your time? How do you feel about grocery shopping? Normally I love it,, but have too much on my plate right now to go out in public!


Anonymous said...

Just like the first time!!!
We do this every now and then if we're busy/exhausted/feeling a wee bit needy. It is amazing the amount of relief and freed-up headspace you can achieve from one afternoon of 'nothing' while someone else does your shopping. Long live the bodies behind online shopping. I know in reality they get paid (albeit probably poorly), but they really feel like angels at the time. And it's always that much of a relief - just like the first time ;D

It's Natalie your cousin - I just couldn't be bothered getting a profile! xoxo

Mum-me said...

I have been getting groceries delivered for about three years .... shopping with two toddlers and a baby was just too much for me to cope with, and I think it's a bargain when someone else will do your shopping, (no checkout to worry about) and bring i right into your kitchen for around $10. Money well spent ... don't feel guilty!