Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 6 (overdue) of a 30 Day Meme

Well, what does Day 6 bring for you all?

20 of my favourite things / things I love.

Here we go, in the order they come to mind.......

1. My family
2. My life
3. My friends
4. My job (seriously)
5. My house (when it's clean)
7. Cute things the kids do
8. Colourful flowers, especially roses (and there are some beautiful roses in our church grounds)
9. Chocolate
10. Sweet white wine

11. Chips (crisps)
12. Hot chips
13. Having friends over for a meal
14. Facebook
15. Reading blogs!
16. Green tea
17. Wearing jeans
18. Pretty dresses (need to drop more weight by summer for this one!)
19. Smiling faces
20. Sunny days

Yes, I live a simple life. No holidays or fancy cars in there. But it's my life and I love it! As the old saying goes, "The Simple Things in Life are Often The Best".

Care to share some of your favourite things with me?

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